Monday, July 6, 2009

Composition - Late Renaissance

COMPOSITION - Late Renaissance:

Jacopo Bassano (1510-1592):

Bassano began something different: spirals, including the figure moving out of picture, looking back.

Something that wants to stay in the picture, something that doesn't.

Bassano used repeated forms, parallels, rhythms.

Bassano contrasted flat to round to flat, etc

Bassano would make the other arm or the other leg (next form) different, i.e. more break-ups, more modeling, very foreshortened, etc.

Bassano would put a static figure next to a moving figure, and then a static figure.


Form leading to structure provided the theme.

Bassano added pushes and pulls not found in nature.

To make form bulge, Bassano would make the form next to it small.

Attention to rest points (start and end) of curves to accentuate curves.

Bassano used hoops to emphasize/show roundness.

Lead in to picture, i.e. over hurdle of a back.

Tops and bottoms were emphasized (Breugel did this too): looking up and down.

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